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Discover & develop cures

Developing next generation medicines requires outstanding discovery science. Our platforms help researchers accelerate this long and complex journey and provide the support to translate these technologies into life changing therapeutics.


Accelerate innovations in health

Innovations in medtech rely on focussed multi-disciplinary teams working at the nexus of engineering, medicine, design and IT. Our capabilities underpin the discovery and development of next generation medical technologies.


Materialise ideas

Australian industries need creative, intelligent manufacturing approaches. Our platforms make impossible objects possible; dreams, realities and; for example, 3D printed body parts a thing of the now.


Cultivate sustainable practices

Bringing together world-class dedicated people and infrastructure builds smarter processes for a viable future. Local and international researchers use our platforms to develop ideas, build prototypes and craft sustainable practices: minimising waste, maximising outcomes.


Maximise resource potential

We work across disciplines and outside traditional academic structures to find real solutions to the global energy crisis. Our capabilities aim to unlock innovative, renewable and cleaner energy technologies that drive development without further harming the health of the planet.


Improve living

Our platforms combine interdisciplinary research expertise and thought leadership to affect change, deliver socio-technical solutions and improve living. Coupled with strong connections to practitioners, policy makers and industry we can revolutionise health, environment and economic prosperity.


Work with industry

Innovation requires smart creative collaborations. By operating at industry recognised standards we’ve worked our way up the leaderboard. We're ready and waiting to support the smart industries of the future.

Delivering impact

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